Open letter to 2018

Well darling, you stunk. It wasn’t your fault. Life just happened within your sunshines and moonshines. Love was found and lost and found again. Friendships ended and new ones began. We lost ones we love and new ones were born. We really got the shit beaten out of us. Emotionally and physically. Honestly 2018, two injuries? What were you trying to tell me? Just when I was ready to stand again (literally) you knocked me back down. I’ve been struggling to get back up again, ya know. Yeah yeah, it was a choice – but why did I choose self pity? What kept me from saying YES? I’m sure you know. Could you share that insight? Just a peek?   If nothing else, 2018, you were the year for lessons. Lessons in strength, love, commitment. Learning to enjoy spending time alone. Looking deep into my thought processes and actions. You gave me the opportunity to take a road trip with my daughter. And to allow someone to love into my life. You gave me new friends and a new love of chocolate. I am sorry I was so angry. I am sorry I was so inflexible and judgmental. I am sorry if I hurt you and I am sorry if I was mean. It wasn’t your fault, life just happened within your sunshines and moonshines. Regardless of anything, I still love you. Your ever loving, Wren