Loaves of Love was started shortly after Toronto shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020. Due to the shutdown, Erin was let go from her position as head chef at a boutique advertising agency, and realized immediately that she had to come up with something to occupy her time and to help out others. She didn’t have much money to spare and knew she would soon be living off that last paycheck, so she looked around her pantry to see what she could use to contribute to her community. She didn’t have much, but she did have flour, yeast, salt, and water— so she made bread and gave it away. Then she made more bread and gave it away, delivering it personally to, people in her immediate neighborhood.
After posting about her project on social media, friends and family encouraged her to start a GoFundMe page so she could expand the project. Soon she was delivering to people across the GTA who were food insecure and donating to organizations who were helping feed people in their communities.
Donation to “Operation Ramzieh”
Erin knows something about food insecurity. She is a single mom who, at times, relied on welfare to keep her family fed and healthy. Remembering those times is the driving force behind Loaves of Love.
Erin’s goal is to create Loaves of Love as a not-for-profit and build an enterprise to support food security within the community, as well as to provide employment and training to people interested in learning to work in a commercial kitchen.
To help fund Loaves of Love you can purchase a loaf for $10, which means another loaf goes out into the community for free. For now, bread is delivered to the GTA and can be ordered by clicking the link below.

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