Erin has spent her adult life being a single mom, moving here there and everywhere, trying to figure out the secret to stability, and keeping her family well fed. This is the most important. Sometimes even above and beyond budgeting for rent and phone bills. She wanted her kids to eat healthy and eat well. In the long run, this made a huge difference for them. Now that they are grown up and living on opposite coasts, they thrive on making home cooked meals and calling on mom for their favourite recipes.

In 2009, Erin started dealing with some gastrointestinal issues. Over many years and many diets, and just as many tests, surgeries, and doctors, she finds out she is Celiac. What a nightmare! And honestly, she didn’t believe it at first. She is still in denial and tests her boundaries every now and again. However, this allowed her to understand and do more research on dietary restrictions, allergies, and specific diets (gluten free, dairy free, keto, FODMAP). She started working with celebrities, athletes, and other private clients who were in need of a nutritional chef.

Having worked extensively with organic farms, she has rooted herself in farm to fork knowledge and believes we are what we eat. Her focus local, organic, farming. Having spent years assisting in cultivating livestock and produce, she knows how special it is to know where and how our food is grown. She practices sustainability, and raising awareness within her communities.

She has taught at the two highest rated private cooking schools in Toronto, caters to high-end clients for holidays, special events, and personal meals.