New Phone!

I FINALLY got my new phone…the other one decided to take a bath with the sheets a few months ago…Now I can take pictures again!  The loaner phone I had was awful and actually made me slightly embarrassed to use.  Besides, the photos never turned out properly with OR without flash.

I posted a new and easy recipe that the teenagers LOVE.  One of them asked me to make it for her birthday 🙂 score!

Have I told you I started school?  Culinary Management – Nutrition.  I love it!  The hardest part is getting back into the routine of studying and procrastinating 😉  You can definitely get used to having more posts about what I am learning in school and some snapshots of the deliciousness!

Later on today I will post my Mason Jar Salads – a favourite from Pinterest – with my own do’s and don’ts (like use a different recipe for Caesar Salad than usual)

Enjoy the coleslaw and make it often!!


Zucchini Linguini

Zucchini Pasta has become one of my favourite bases for a healthy, feel good, ‘comfort food’ meal.  It is easy to make and works great either raw, boiled, or combined with whole wheat pasta to spare yourself the extra carbs (and the guilt and bloaty feeling pasta can bring).

I ate my first Zucchini Pasta dish at a Rawlicious location in Toronto (located in the Junction) and was blown away by just how phenomenal and filling this veggie substitution was in replace of my usual pasta.

So, here is a great little recipe for a cold Zucchini Linguini dish.  I made it last week for my Sweetheart and he was blown away!

Zucchini Linguini 

Use a peeler or vegetable dicer (if you have one) to create long strands of Zucchini. Toss Zucchini with sliced Green Olives, Cherry Tomatoes or diced Roma Tomatoes, Pine Nuts (Walnuts also work well), fresh chopped Basil, two cloves of diced Garlic and Olive Oil. Garnish with fresh basil and serve!

Use Zucchini Linguini with your favourite pasta, served warm or cold it makes a great healthy choice in replace of pasta!


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