Hello, my name is Erin and I am a gastronome.  My first introduction to culinary divinity was through a longtime friend. You might think it would be as a child, but no; Chef Boyardee with Kraft cheese slices and mayo sandwiches.  Growing into my mid-late twenties, I think I became a super taster.  A new combination of exotic spice and I would promptly be sent into a nirvana of sensory bliss.

But being a lover of flavour really didn’t benefit my well-being.  When I started reading articles about nutrition regarding autism and ADHD, my life started to change.  My son, after all, was exhibiting peculiar behaviours.  Short of diving into medication (which we tried for a short period of time), it was time to change the diet.  Gluten-free, sugar free, no processed foods.  It was a miracle!  I started to see significant changes in my family’s health.

So now, my place in this world is to marry culinary sustenance with sensuality.  Eat food.  Love life.